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10 containers were sent to Iraq

Last year, our Iraqi customer ordered 3 containers for work. This year, the customer ordered 5 containers of washing powder, 3 containers of detergent and 2 containers of detergent. It was shipped yesterday. Although this is not our first cooperation, we still maintain our original intention and provide customers with the best quality. Thank you very much for your trust in us.

MaxDetergent always provides customers with complete services. We are more than washing powder, we provide a series of washing and cleaning services. We use imported flavors for washing powder, and the unique fragrance makes the product competitive in the market. Beautiful design is the product that attracts customers. Colored spots make the product of high value


Washing Powder feedback from Afghanistan customer

We received feedback from customers in Afghanistan in April.

This Afghan customer went to our factory before purchasing. We first confirmed with the customer the quality formula and packaging method of the washing powder, including the fragrance and embellishments of the product and the details of the foam. After confirming the packaging, our engineers formulate the product formula in strict accordance with the quality standards.

The washing powder purchased by the customer is of medium quality. It is the most popular economic product on the market, a civilian brand. He bought 3 containers at a time and divided the products into packages of different sizes. There are different options for different customers. Large packages and small packages. Great sales method.

Congratulations! Customers received Washing Powder


First of all, congratulations to Pakistani customers who received Milat. The customer found us through Alibaba and needed 40HQ of their brand washing powder. After inquiring about the customer's needs carefully, we MaxDetergent provided him with OEM services.


This is feedback from Pakistani customers after receiving the product. The customer sent us an email immediately after receiving the washing powder and told us that the container arrived at the destination very smoothly, the packaging was completed and there was no damage. They have distributed the goods to distributors in various regions. They hope to make a new order as soon as possible.